Our Team
To enhance the professional skills of practice, serve the needs of the client to contribute to the growth of their organizations.
  • To have a highly skilled, professionally managed, progressive organization, seeking challenges, set and achieves higher goals and to add knowledge and abilities.
  • To establish contacts with varied professionally managed corporates and other firms by way assignments and other retainer ship work.
  • To capture and maintain its position as a leader.
  • To provide professional services par excellence.
Founder - CA. I G MODI from Mumbai being the founder of the firm has promoted the said Firm, after having acquired the requisite skills and knowledge and well experience in the field of Taxation, Audits, Accounting and other services and who is committed to add value and optimize the benefits accruing to clients and as well as contribute to the growth of clientele organizations
Partner - CA. VISHAL I MODI joined the firm as partner in the year 1999. He as a young and dynamic professional expanded the business with a strategy to understand what is most important to the client to help them look for ways to create sustainable value addition and satisfaction in a truly professional environment.
To apply best business practices, quickly implement innovations, put insight into action, provide perspectives on value creation create and develop truly congenial human resource environment and courage to change before change is thrust upon, have been the basic philosophies which are applied consistently by the firm.
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